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Why video game music?

The first console I had was a hand-me-down GameBoy Advance, previously owned by my uncle. What made me fall in love with game music was the simple charm that those early soundtracks had. They made you want to learn more about the story, the characters and the world of the game you were playing.

My experiences

As a composer, I’ve been fortunate enough to create music for some fantastic games such as Acorn and Cycle of Spore. Last year, I had one of my compositions performed by a live orchestra during Video Game Music Con in the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory.


I’ve also had the honor of working in both Game Sound Con in Los Angeles and Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.


Trivium Studios

In 2022, I became Co-Founder and Creative Director of Trivium Studios LLC, along with my colleagues Josué Vera and Dannyellis Meléndez. Together, we produced the premier game audio event in Puerto Rico, Video Game Music Con, with an attendance of over 100 guests.

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Why choose to work with me?

Making games is hard.

Having a strong team that takes initiative can be one of the greatest assets you can have in the development journey. With me as your composer, you won’t need to worry about technical issues such as music playing correctly, or transitioning well from scene to scene.

Thanks to my experience implementing audio in Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Wwise, FMOD and more, you’ll be free to devote your attention to other aspects of your project.

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