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Composer for Games

I design thrilling music for indie adventure games with profound storylines. Every great story has an amazing soundtrack to match.

Here's what I can add to your project:

  • Custom music that enhances the emotional impact of your story and characters.

  • Interactive audio that works seamlessly with your gameplay.

  • Audio implementation using one of the following: Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, GameMaker, Wwise, or FMOD.​

  • Quality Assurance for audio systems in the latter stages of development.

My music

From mythical fantasy to soothing ambiences, the music I create combines strong melodies with diverse instrumentations to create a soundscape that complements your gameplay.

Tell me about your project

Every soundtrack I create is unique.

Feel like I’d be a good fit for your game?

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We can schedule a call to discuss everything in depth. 

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